The past pluperfect

The past pluperfect. School to learn Spanish.

The past pluperfect

Hello #Vivers! This week in Luis Vives' Spanish Blog We are going to review the form and uses of the Pluperfect Past.  This is one of the verb tenses that generate the most doubts among students who come to our school to learn Spanish. We leave you an infographic with the form of regular and irregular verbs and the uses of this past tense. At the end you will find some links to online exercises so you can practice them. If you want to see it, you just have to keep reading...

The past pluperfect. School to learn Spanish.

exercises to practice

In the following link you can find a lot of online exercises to practice regular and irregular verbs in the Past Pluperfect:

Exercises of the Past Perfect Past (regular and irregular)

Here we also leave you a link to, where you can find more explanations and activities to continue practicing with this time from the past:

The Past Pluperfect

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