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Good news, #Vivers! We are delighted to inform you that it is now at your disposal «Luis Vives' Spanish Blog», the best of the Spanish academies in Madrid, in which we will periodically publish articles, news, activities, exercises, grammar explanations, vocabulary and many more resources that may be useful to you to learn Spanish. Stay tuned because every week you can find different resources to continue learning.

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⭐Learn Spanish if your native language is PORTUGUESE
Hello, Vivers! If you want to learn Spanish and your native language is Portuguese, this article interests you. For 25 […]
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Europe map
[Updated 2024]⭐Moving to Spain as an EU citizen
The Mediterranean countries are famous for their climate, their atmosphere and offer a welcoming place […]
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Learn Spanish if your native language is English
⭐Learn SPANISH if your native language is ENGLISH
Hello, Vivers! If you want to learn Spanish and come from an English-speaking country, this article will interest you […]
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Study Spanish. How long does it take to reach level B2?
How long does it take to reach the B2 level of Spanish?
On many occasions, you ask us the same question: how long do I need to achieve the B2 level […]
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DELE 2024 exam dates
⭐DELE 2024 exam dates
Hello, #Vivers! If you have started learning Spanish and want to obtain an official certification of your level of proficiency in […]
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What are Spanish tapas
💛What are Spanish tapas
Hello, #Vivers! If you have been to Spain you surely know the tapas, although outside our country they are also very […]
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Speak fluent Spanish. Expressions in Spanish with the word milk.
Expressions with milk
Hello, #Vivers! If you are learning Spanish, you have probably known the word milk for a long time. However, did you know that the […]
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Difference between DELE and SIELE. Luis Vives Spanish School.
Differences between DELE and SIELE
Hello, #Vivers! If you need to certify the level of Spanish that you have obtained at the academy, among the different options that […]
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