Top 5 series to learn Spanish

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Top 5 series to learn Spanish

Do you like to watch movies or series and are you learning Spanish? Then this article is for you. More and more people are fond of watching Spanish movies and series. Some are internationally known and have achieved great fame. Others are not so much but we mention them anyway for their argument and because they can help you continue learning the language. In addition to this list, don't forget to listen to our podcast episode Spanish in 10 minutes: series addicts and top 5 Spanish series.

The paper house (2017)

It premiered in Spain in 2017 but became famous worldwide when at the end of that same year, it was acquired by Netflix and became the most viewed non-English speaking series on this platform. In it, its protagonists with city names (Tokyo, Rio, Moscow, Nairobi, Denver, Berlin, Helsinki and Oslo) enter the Mint and Stamp House to manufacture 2400 billion euros in just 11 days. Thanks to The Professor's plan, these characters could become rich, but will they achieve their goal locked up for eleven days knowing that at any moment they could be arrested or captured by the police?

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Paquita Salas (2016)

If you have a high level of Spanish and still want to improve it further, we recommend this series, where you will not only learn many Spanish expressions but also many celebrities from the world of Spanish cinema, since Paquita is an acting agent who is looking for new talents for her agency. In this way, well-known actors in Spanish cinematography such as Juan Echanove, Úrsula Corberó, Macarena García, Lydia Bosch, Secun de la Rosa and many others appear in the series. If you want to laugh and have a good time, stay and see it!

Card of Paquita Salas on Filmaffinity

Macho Alfa (2022)

In a world where it is fashionable to be politically correct, the protagonists, Pedro, Raúl, Fele and Santi, try to adapt to the new concepts that have emerged in society about gender and sex, although without any success. The characters express their thoughts and ideas without any type of filter, although this can have serious consequences in their work and personal lives. If you want to laugh for a while and learn vocabulary related to romantic relationships and friends, this is your series.

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The snow girl (2023)

6-episode miniseries based on a novel of the same name by Javier Castillo. It's about a thriller in which a journalist, Miren Rojo, investigates the disappearance of a girl during a Three Kings parade in the city of Malaga. Her investigation leads her to learn to deal with some situations from her past and to improve her career as a journalist. The novel, which is actually set in New York, has become a best seller and the series, one of the most viewed in 2023. It is one of the best series for learning Spanish.

Card of The snow girl on Filmaffinity

the body on fire (2023)

Once again we have another thriller, but this time, based on a true story and starring Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo, in The paper house). This series tells the story of Rosa Peral, a Barcelona police officer who seems to be the suspect in the murder of Pedro, her ex-partner. The series tells us what Rosa's life was like before, during and after the murder. This series gets you hooked from the first episode!

Card of the body on fire on Filmaffinity

All these series to learn Spanish can be seen on paid platforms. But if you want to use a free plan, we recommend watching Spanish series on the platform. RTVE. There you can not only watch free Spanish series, but also movies and documentaries completely in Spanish.


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