Expressions related to sports

Expressions related to sports - Spanish School

Expressions related to sports

Hello #Vivers! Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end and vacations are over. However, in our Spanish school we return with batteries full of energy to continue teaching. We return with a new entry in Luis Vives' Spanish Blog. This time we leave you this video of Luis Vives TV in which our beloved teacher Daniel Agudo will explain some colloquial expressions to us.

These are everyday expressions that have their origin in the world of sports. If you want to see it, you just have to click and hit “play”. If you like it, don't forget to "like" it and share it with your friends...

We hope you liked it and you know, if you are looking for a Spanish course in Madrid to learn to speak Spanish fluently and improve grammar, stop by Luis Vives Spanish School and take a look at the Spanish classes what we offer. They will surely adapt perfectly to your needs. Luis Vives Spanish School, the best option to learn Spanish in the heart of Madrid!


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