What are Spanish tapas

šŸ’›What are Spanish tapas

Hello, #Vivers! If you have been to Spain you surely know the covers, although outside our country they are also very well known. In this article we are going to talk about them, what tapas are exactly, their origin and their variety.

What are caps?

They are small portions of food that are usually served accompanied by a drink. Their size may vary depending on the area. It is often stated that in the southern provinces of Spain tapas are more abundant than in those in the north, although it really depends on the city and the bar. In some cities the tapas are FREE, and always come accompanied by the drink you order, as is the case in Granada, Almerƭa, JaƩn, Segovia or Lugo, for example.

The most popular tapas

According to the newspaper 20 minutes, the tapas preferred by the Spanish are:

1. The Spanish tortilla: This wonderful tapa made of eggs and potatoes (traditionally also with onion) seems to be the one that triumphs in all regions of Spain.

What are tapas? Spanish omelette

2. The croquettes: There are all kinds of them: ham, stew, chicken, cod, boletus...

What are tapas? Croquettes

3. Iberian ham: Who could resist a tapa of Iberian ham? The ham with the best reputation in Spain is the one that comes from Extremadura since its pigs are fed acorns, which improves the flavor of the meat.

What are tapas? Iberian ham

4. The Russian salad: It is said that this recipe was created in Moscow and hence its name. Generally this dish usually has potatoes, peas, carrots, peppers, eggs, tuna and mayonnaise.

What are tapas? Russian salad

5. The bravas potatoes: They are called that because they are usually accompanied by a spicy sauce, although sometimes this is replaced by a tomato sauce. They are said to originate from Madrid and are always served hot.

What are tapas? The bravas potatoes

What is the best cover?

If you are wondering what is the best tapa served in Spain, we cannot give you a definitive answer. But you can listen to our episode of the Spanish PODCAST in 10 minutes, in which Juan y Dani They give their opinion on the best tapas in Spain.

Spanish Podcast in 10 minutes

Listen to this chapter now Apple Podcast, Spotify y iVoox.


We couldn't finish this article without mentioning TapapiƩs. This is a tapas route that takes place in the LavapiƩs neighborhood, one of the most central neighborhoods in Madrid, and is usually held at the end of October. This year, TapapiƩs was celebrated from October 19 to 29. On this route you can enjoy a tapa and a bottle or beer for only 3 euros and if you feel like it, you can vote for your favorite tapa on the website In LavapiƩs.


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