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Information about Luis Vives Escuela de Español

Legal person:  Centro de Estudios Luis Vives S.L.-Tax code:  B-82406109
Arenal St., 1st floor, left, 28013 


Spanish courses

  • Spanish and access to University.
  • Extensive.
  • Semi-intensive.
  • Intensive.
  • One to one classes.
  • Spanish for au-pairs.
  • Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera DELE Courses.
  • Conversation classes.
  • Business Spanish.
  • Skype Spanish classes.
  • Other courses. 


Learning goals

The Spanish student learning goals vary depending on their level. Hence, the school teachers work towards the improvement of linguistic levels in the four different basic:

  • Spaeking.
  • Writing.
  • Listening.
  • Reading.


Courses content

The contents, covered in different fields, are related in a flexible way so that the syllabus can adapt to the characteristics of each student group. The centre offers to its students the option to progress on their learning of the Spanish language, starting on the first level of language access and reaching proficiency.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the syllabus has been devised based on the common levels of reference. 


Methodological orientation of the courses

The School bets on a communicative methodology. Nevertheless, the special features of each level make the methodology change from one group to another.

In the level A (beginner) of the language, strategies are used in which the teacher can monitor their students’ speech. Strategies such as decks of cards with questions or dramatizations are used on this level.

In the level B (intermediate) the student competence on the Spanish language enables them to cope with most communicative situations. Some of the used include brainstorming, group of experts and other dynamics from the previous level.

In the level C (advanced) the speaker is able to manage in any common communicative situation and should improve more specific communicative situations. In addition to the proposed strategies for previous levels, a trial simulation is proposed, in which the students can assume different roles. 


Teaching materials used by the School

The School hand over to the students the adequate teaching materials for the right use of the courses. For those students who contract at least a month of group classes or 10 one to one classes the material will be free of charge, and it comprises a student book and a work book from publisher Edinumen ;  together with activities created by the school teachers.

Furthermore, during the course the teachers often use multimedia contents supporting the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.


Payments and other legal issues

  • Face-to-face courses will be paid monthly by the students and in advance between the 1st and the 5th of each month (or the next working day in case the 5th is a non-working.
  • The online courses will be paid in full at the moment of enrolment. Other payment methods may be possible if previously arranged with the Center.
  • Payment will be made in cash or by credit card in the Centro de Estudios Luis Vives offices or by bank transfer.
  • In the case that not enough students have enrolled for any given course, this could be canceled or modified and the amounts already paid by the student will be refund when it proceeds.
  • The rights and obligations of the student and the Center are recorded in a contract endorsed by both parts. You can revise the contract in Spanish here and in English here.
  • The teachings imparted by this center will not lead to obtaining any official title.
  • All leaflets and informative documents about the courses offered, prices and payment methods, as well as contract models used by the Center are available at reception. You can also access this information here.
  • Complaint forms are available on request for any user.
  • The full text of the  decree number 84/2004 of the Autonomous Community of Madrid which regulates the rights of students of non-regulated teachings is available at the School reception.


School age in teaching Spanish as a foreign language

Centro de Estudios Luis Vives began its teaching activity in September 1999.

That activity covers different areas of non-formal education and, among others, Spanish for foreigners courses are carried out.

From September 1999 to June 2003 these Spanish courses are carried out under the name Linguamater. From the latter date and until July 2008, the school left Spanish teaching to devote its effort to other activities-in essence, University and Vocational training entrance preparation.

From July 2008 the school resumed teaching Spanish activities. Until February 2012 the courses are carried out under the name Centro de Estudios Luis Vives.

From February 2012 until now Spanish teaching is carried out under the name Luis Vives - Escuela de Español in our school.


School calendar

Teaching days shall be considered the days when secondary education students go to school in the city of Madrid, according to the official calendar of the Community of Madrid.

To this calendar each year August must be added when every day is a teaching day except for Saturdays, Sundays and the 15th day of that month.

Non-teaching days for the 2015-2016 academic year can be seen below:

  • 1 and 12 October.
  • 2 November.
  • 7, 8, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 December.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 January.
  • 8 February.
  • 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 March.
  • 2 May.
  • 15 August.


Number of students a year and their origin

From 50 to 100 students decide to study in our school per year. These students are distributed uniformly throughout the year among our different Spanish courses. Our goal is getting to double that number in less than three years.

The most common origin of our students is:

  • Countries from European Union.
  • United States of America.
  • South Korea.
  • Russia.

Students are mixed in class, improving group dynamics and their integration.


Class duration

The standard class duration is 50 minutes. This duration can sometimes be changed by agreement between the Centre and the students.


Level test and method of classifying students’ levels

Prior to the beginning of every course students complete a level test through which we determine the course level the student will be attending to. This level test is completely free and it does not mean any obligation with the school. It is not taken as teaching hours either.


Composition of classes in terms of nationality or age

We only take into account the level test results in order to compose a group. In other words, we do not classify nor discriminate in terms of nationality, age, gender, religious or political beliefs.

In case of groups established in origin, for example, classes for companies or for student groups temporally visiting Madrid, the organization of the groups are carried out according to the needs of each group.


Assessment tests

At least a level test will be carried out at the end of each course.

Besides that test, teachers will set assessment tests when they deem them necessary to accomplish the course goals.


Attendance and completion certificates issued by the school

The certificates issued by Centro de Estudios Luis Vives have no official nature and shall be valid for an unlimited period unless they contain any clear limitation to this validity.


Important information concerning the student visa procedure for our students

The enrollment certificates issued by Luis Vives Escuela de Español are free and valid for the obtention of the student visa. Students are responsible of their own visa application in the Spanish Consulate at their countries or in other relevant governmental authorities. In such an exceptional case when a student gets his/her visa denied for any reason, the student must send an authoritative evidence of that to Luis Vives Escuela de Español. In such cases, Luis Vives, will refund 100% of the amount previously paid, after deducting the management costs, such as postage or bank fees. 


Extra-curricular activities 

All of our courses include the following extra-curricular activities related to the academic project of the centre at no extra cost for students:

  • Visits to places of cultural interest. They take place on working Fridays at least twice a month.
  • Language exchanges with students whose native language is Spanish. The days will be determined and there will be at least a language exchange per calendar quarter.
  • Spanish culture lectures: History, Arts and Geography. They take place at least once per calendar quarter.

Besides the activities mentioned above, the school organizes other activities for its Spanish students. Some of them can be seen in this link.

The students are informed about price and schedule of the activities prior to their enrollment in them. These prices and schedules are the official ones. Consequently, the centre does not receive directly or indirectly any commission for these activities, neither from the organizers nor from the students.

The activities organized or suggested by the school are not limited by general medical or cultural conditions.

Each student must know their own restrictions and take them into account under their responsibility when taking part in an activity. Thus, for example, if a student due to medical or religious reasons is not allowed to eat pork products and he or she is engaged into the activity “Tapeo por Madrid” where these kind of products are usually offered, they must be aware of not eating such products.


Quality surveys

At the end of the course each student will be offered a survey to be filled in anonymously and voluntarily where they can show their satisfaction level with the services offered by the school. These surveys are systematically analyzed by the school so as to improve the courses offered to its students.




Luis Vives Escuela de Español

School accredited by Instituto Cervantes for teaching Spanish as a foreign language




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