Activities B1/B2

Uses of the subjunctive. Spanish class
Uses of the subjunctive: expressing requests and demands

Hello #Vivers! This week we have practiced with the B1 groups of our Spanish course the expression of complaints, requests and needs. To do this we have seen one more use of the subjunctive mood, we have done an activity to practice oral expression and interaction with which we have had a great time and we have become very demanding. If you want to put it into practice, keep reading and download the sheet we propose.

The students, in small groups, had to get into the role of an activist. They made a list of their demands on certain controversial issues and then prepared a manifesto to explain it to the rest of their classmates. For this we have given you the following sheet. The result has been very fun and the students have been able to practice the language in a very enjoyable and real way.

We leave you the sheet here, so that both Spanish teachers and students can use it and tell us what you think.

Uses of the subjunctive. Spanish class

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