5 words and colloquial expressions that we use in Spanish on a daily basis.

5 useful expressions and words when studying Spanish.

5 words and colloquial expressions that we use in Spanish on a daily basis.

Hello, #Vivers! All students of our Spanish courses for foreigners, they encounter situations in their daily lives in which they hear expressions and words that, if they interpret literally, lead to confusion. We work on these types of expressions and colloquial words in Spanish frequently in our courses, since we consider that learning them makes life much easier for our students during their stay in Spain. In today's article we explain 5 examples of words and colloquial expressions that Spaniards use regularly and that we consider important when studying Spanish.

Examples of colloquial words to study Spanish.

  1. Uncle/a:

In Spanish the word uncle o aunt It doesn't just refer to your parents' brother or sister. (uncle, uncle), but it is a familiar and colloquial way of calling your friend. In English the equivalent would be dude o bro:

-Hello how are you, uncle?

-Very well and you?

  1. Turkey:

In Spanish this word may be referring to the animal Turkey and we can be talking about its meat when we talk about food. But also, in an informal and colloquial conversation, we can use turkeys (usually plural) to refer to the currency we are using. For example, in Spain, we refer to the euro.

-Carlos, are you 5? turkeys to lend me? I'll give them back to you tomorrow.

-Yes, here. Here you have them.

  1. Folder:

In Spanish when we say pasta We may be talking about the Italian dish (spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, etc.) but we also use it to refer to the money. Here we leave you an example:

-Dude, are you coming to the disco? Admission costs 20 bucks.

-No, man, I don't have one. pasta.

  1. Job:

We use this word to refer to work. In the same way that we also have the verb work, Meaning work. This word comes from Caló (which is the language spoken by gypsies in Spain and Portugal). Its use is very frequent, so look at the example so that you can also use it when you are speaking Spanish with your friends:

-I think I won't be able to meet you today. I have a lot work.

-What a shame, aunt!

And finally, a colloquial expression.

  1. What a roll!

The word roll can have many meanings. The main meaning is the one used to talk about any object that is rolled up, such as a roll of toilet paper. But when you say “what a bummer” you are expressing that what you are talking about is boring, whether it is a person or a thing, and regardless of whether it is masculine or feminine:

– I don't think I'll ever watch this movie again.

– You see, what roll!

If you dare to come to Madrid and study in our Spanish school for foreigners, you will learn to speak like a native and we will teach you these words and colloquial expressions and many more! Don't think twice and contact us if you need more information. WhatsApp, email and through our form contact.


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